Planning Session on Nov. 09, 2011

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Group Meeting on Oct.26, 2011

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Club Officer Election

Carolyn Ellis

Please vote for me to be Vice President! I have some great ideas for example T shirt designs, that I will continue to communicate to you and follow through with! I’m also prepared to devote time and energy to preparing meetings, providing materials, buying FOOD for meetings 🙂 and basically anything else I can do to help YOU and our prez! I’m a responsible, reliable and energetic person, and I believe Chinese Club is a great way of exposing the student body to Chinese culture. So click that little button or whatever it is next to my name and vote for me! 🙂

Haylin Huang

Hello my fellow Chinese Clubians! I’m going to keep this short so you will refrain from “tl;dr” me. I should be vice president because I truly love the Chinese culture, and I feel that I have the experience to help Chinese Club improve on not only in the knowledge department about the East, but I would like to make Chinese Club more organized, cool, and of course, more fun. Vote for Haylin Huang, to be number Huang! (Haha, get it? “Huang” pronounced “Hwoan”…it’s okay if you don’t. You should still vote for me! 🙂 

Bryant Peng

I will not say that I am honest, hardworking, or persevering; there is no value in regurgitating the virtues we learned in elementary school. But I will say that I should be the Chinese Club Vice-President because, unlike the other candidates, I have consistently attended Chinese Club meetings these last two years, and have contributed to the betterment of the organization.


Michael Duan

As anyone will tell you, Michael Duan loves to have a laugh as much as the next guy. However, there comes a time when the laughter must stop. Today, I would like us to take a moment out of our busy lives to stop and solemnly reflect on the accomplishments and dreams of the greatest (and only) treasurer that Chinese Club has ever had. He was an extraordinary and scrupulous individual who was wholly dedicated to the club in both body and spirit. He was a legendary young man by the name of George Qi.

            The dedication and love George displayed for our club was immeasurable, and our club in turn was truly fortunate to have him as its treasurer. It can sincerely be said that George lived and breathed Chinese Club. Our organization was undoubtedly the central focus of his active life, and under his careful guidance we managed to raise so profound an amount of money that we were able to purchase a couple of cans of soda and an entire bag of rice cakes. This astounding accomplishment speaks for itself, a true exemplification of George’s great competence.

            Just as the future started to seem bright for Chinese Club, tragedy struck. George was abruptly wrenched from his sanctified spot at the helm of our finances. Without his leadership, it seemed inevitable that the club’s financial affairs were to be doomed to failure. However, all was not lost. In his last moments, George came to me, weeping and expressing his extreme regret in having to leave us. “Please…take care of Chinese Club’s money for me,” he wheezed as tears streamed down his face. “Don’t let the flame die out!”

            In these grim times, only one man exists amongst our group who can stand up to fight back the impending darkness. I am that man. Michael Duan, the paragon of frugality and intellectualism. The IB student who maintains his physical health as well as his mental health by participating in the Westwood Swim Team. The member of Mu Alpha Theta and Calculus BC, a true virtuoso in the art of mathematics. A high-ranking leader at various other organizations, including the Hurricanes Swim Club and the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas. And today, he is the man who you are going to vote for to the position of treasurer of Chinese Club.

Jason Guo

Hello fellow Chinese Club members! My name is Jason Guo and I’d like to run for Chinese Club Treasurer. If you elect me, I promise to do a great job as your treasurer. I am very committed and I have been going to Chinese Club for three years now as well as taking Chinese as my foreign language course for three years. I have also passed numerous math courses over the years and I am very able to handle and count money. Additionally, I am very trustworthy, so Chinese Club money is safe in my hands. Thank you for your time and please consider voting for me .

Joel Tang

Hello, my name is Tang, Qiaowei. I am running for treasurer because I would like to take an active role in Westwood Chinese Club.  I am not doing this in order to make my college resume more impressive (not that there is anything wrong with that!) but rather I am running for treasurer because I think it will be a valuable experience to have the responsibility of handling club funds. I am a very responsible person, and have Bowen He, the monetary master, as one of my best friends. Ask people who know me and I am confident that they will say I am reliable and trustworthy. As treasurer I will do my best to maximize our club funds so we can do all sorts of fun activities.

For the Too Long Didnt Read people:

Vote for me because I am responsible and trustworthy. And I actually want to do this for the experience, not for college.


Jessica Tom

Hello! My name is Jessica Tom and I am running for secretary of Chinese Club. I was the secretary for Chinese Club last year so I do have the experience and I know what I should be doing in Chinese Club (I won’t need to be initiated or taught how to do anything). I strongly believe that I am fit for this position because I am also the secretary of the National French Honor Society and I organize events for NFHS. NFHS and Chinese Club demand the responsibility and cooperation of a great secretary, such as attending all club and officer meetings, coming prepared to meetings, providing ideas, and positively contributing to the club. Chinese Club has been lacking in spirit and events and with my NFHS and prior secretary experiences, I can help boost Chinese Club to an unprecedented level. I was also one of the few people who signed up for the Homecoming decorations for Chinese Club! I can definitely say that I am strongly devoted to this club because unlike other candidates, I come to Chinese Club out of my own will. I don’t do it for the extra credit points (I’m not currently in Chinese anyway) and I certainly don’t do it because I need a leadership position. I’m running because I believe I can truly change Chinese Club into a wonderful and eventful club. Last but definitely not least, I am part of the Austin Chinese Choir, which some of you may know from reading my articles in the Chinese newspaper. Instead of learning Chinese in a classroom, I have the opportunity to sing and understand more about the Chinese culture outside of the classroom. With my connection to the choir, I can hopefully bring in guest speakers and we can all learn more about the Chinese culture as a club.

Aoyu Li


You should vote me for secretary because I am very organized. I’ve been in this club since freshman year and I have attended most of the meetings in the span of those three years. Most of you know me as a very reliable and helpful person, and i feel that secretary would be the perfect position for me to help out the Chinese Club community. I feel that I would be a good officer, and i could help Chinese Club move forward.

Dan Xiang

Hi I’m Dan Xiang and I am running for Chinese club secretary. I am a responsible and disciplined young lad, and would like to apply my knowledge and skills learned from both the International Baccalaureate program and the stellar Westwood High School education system to this club. I am in IB Chinese IV SL, and can communicate in both Chinese and English. I’m Dan Xiang and I approve this message.

Eric Lu

I, Eric Lu, would like to run for secretary. I’m a organized guy. I own a watch and a planner. Thus by deductive reasoning, one can infer that I am a guy who knows what time it is.

Don’t forget, if you’re a senior and you vote for a junior you are not actually a senior you are a f*ggot. Seniors ’12


Alisa Larson

You should vote for me for Historian because I love doing artistic things! That means I will make our board pimpin’ for homecoming. ;D I’ll try my best to attend every meeting (sometimes I can’t because I’m super busy!) and keep the board updated.
Also, since I think someone mentioned we need a scrapbook for our club, I’ll try my best to keep one. I’m pretty good with photoshop and I have a drawing tablet. I don’t have a personal camera, unfortunately, but I can borrow one!  Or I can just make a Tumblr account for the Chinese Club and make it so that everyone can contribute pictures. That might be easier to maintain and then everyone can see it, instead of having just one scrapbook to pass around. Or both. 🙂

Jessica Yu

Hi everybody, my name is Jessica Yu and I’m in Pre-AP Chinese II! I’m running for Historian of Chinese Club this year. I’m very excited to be in this club because I’m from a Chinese-speaking family and am proud of my heritage. For those of you who may know me better, you know that I’m a freshman.  I won’t claim that I am the most capable member of the club, only that I’m hoping for the opportunity to contribute in the best way I can. I will attend all meetings (in fact, due to a small workload, I will have more time to give to this club outside of meetings too), accumulating experience in all of my four years at Westwood.

            In any case, I believe that we can all work together to learn about Chinese culture and make this club a success. But I challenge everyone to vote for a freshmen officer: it’s a vote for Chinese that keeps going and going and going. J

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Current Members

Andrew Barron

Andrew Feng

Aoyu Li

Bryan Bell Sulkey

Bryant Peng

Carolyn Ellis

Christine Wei

Cynthia Yi

Dohum Kim

Eric Lu

Frances Chen

Frank Chao

George Qi

Jackie Chen

Jason Pang

Jeffrey Li

Jessica Tom

Jessica Yu

Joel Tango

Joshua Dong

Kayleigh Ferguson

Kevin Tian

Laura Yang

Leo Zeng

Michael Duan

Michael Wyzykowski

Preston Chen

Ricky Chiang

Russell Yang

Sarah Chen

Steven Su

Will Zhao

Zeyi Lin


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Chinese Club now has a blog!

Welcome to Westwood Chinese Club.

facebook group:!/groups/255070491199011/

Sponsor: Caley Tindal Laoshi


      President – Jackie Chen

      Vice President – Carolyn Ellis

      Treasurer – Michael Duan

      Secretary – Jessica Tom

      Historian – Jessica Yu, Alisa Larson

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